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III Congreso Internacional de Traductores e Intérpretes

2 y 3 de mayo de 2020, Lima, Perú


Peru and Latin America, a Fast Growing Translation Market?
Charles CampbellTranslation Back Office (Argentina)
Charles Campbell is the President of Translation Back Office, a multilingual translation company with offices in Argentina, Peru, Thailand, the Ukraine and Vietnam.

Charles Campbell has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Auckland (New Zealand) has completed numerous post graduate courses in Argentina (Univeridad Austral) and the USA (Harvard University).

Charles Campbell has spoken frequently at international events in the translation industry in Argentina, Germany, the USA and other countries at events such as the American Translators’ Association Annual Conference and the European Society for Technical Communication Annual Conference.

Charles Campbell is a firm believer in focusing on the long term and has a strong commitment to Quality Assurance in the translation industry and Translation Back Office is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 certified.
Current research indicates that the translation industry is growing at a brisk pace of 10+% per year, amounting to just over $60 billion US dollars.

But just how much of this growth and this market share is attributable to Peru and Latin America?

Not a single company Latin America is in any international ranking of translation companies and demand for Spanish and Portuguese translations appears to have stabilized after years of rapid growth.

My position is that the future is very bright for translation ecosystem in Latin America: translation companies, universities, professional associations and especially for translators.


Despite the global slow down and the resurgence of economic problems in many countries, economic growth in Latin America, and especially Peru, is well ahead of most other countries.

Expanding communities of immigrants in Europe and especially the United States and Canada, are a driving force between increased demand for Spanish and Portuguese translation services in those countries.

What is needed to capitalize on this opportunity?

Despite the fact that everyone seems to know someone who is a translator in Latin America the translation industry is still vastly undeveloped here in comparison to other regions. We late “coming to the party” in terms of corporate and industry maturity. The translation industry is already technologically, academically and economically very mature in many countries, the challenge now in Peru and Latin America is do everything that other regions and have done and more (!) and much faster (!) to catch up.

I refer specifically to the rapid adoption of modern “real life” practical oriented university programs for the translation industry, the proliferation of Computer Assisted Translation tools, the rise of Machine Translation Post Editing and working with international standards such as ISO 17100:2015.

A world of work awaits.
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